DeNapoli Orthopedic Care of Fairbanks, Alaska
Immediate care for your orthopedic needs

No long waiting times to be seen for your orthopedic problem
Address the problem now and have quicker relief

Conservative, Outpatient, Integrative, Compassionate

Most insurance is accepted and billed for you.
Medicare and Medicaid can not be seen at this time.  We are trying to
remedy this.  As I work through this process I will update the site.

Referrals are gladly accepted but are NOT required to schedule an

Patient Portal:  You can contact me through the patient portal by signing
up at the website below. In the portal, you will be able to send me a
message to request an appointment, request a med refill if you are taking
medications I have prescribed, fill out the medical history forms and
specific injury forms, see your information and clinic visits, print your own
progress notes to keep for your own record, etc.  

If you have given me an email address when you visited my office, then
you would have been sent a link to the portal.  If not, then you can sign
up at this link (copy and paste this into a browser window, I will fix the
direct link soon):