trying to take advantage of our beautiful state.  I met Jan through an email list we
both belonged to before I even moved here and I was glad to finally meet her in
person when I got settled up here.
It didn't take much more than a walk through the kennel for me to know that I
wanted to be involved with mushing.  Luckily, Jan is a generous person and was
willing to take me under her wing.  She is a wonderful mentor as well as a great friend
and I have learned a lot from her.  Of course, it is an ongoing process....  The dogs,
the adventures, the extremes, the community and comradery of the whole mushing
community are things that I really enjoy having in my life.

I work for the Adult Learning Programs of Alaska as the Chief GED Examiner for the
Interior of Alaska.  It is important to me to have work that is meaningful and this job
is very rewarding.  I am also a doula (professional childbirth assistant) and own Cloud
9 Doula Services, as well as currently holding the Alaska State Representative position
for DONA International (our certifying organization).  Of course, being a doula is also
an extremely rewarding part of my life.  I have two children to top off my "plate of