Arctic Outer Wear (Bibs, Parka, Hat, Mitts, Neck Gaiter, Bunny Boots) are provided
if needed for all adventures.  You may bring your own gear if you would like.

Please scroll down to read about our trips.   On our dogsled
rides you will leave the yard and travel through the birch forest.  You will then be
surrounded by beautiful birch and spruce trees in the hills.  Depending on the
temperatures, we will take you either along a ridge of birch trees and through the
forest again, or onto beautiful ponds.  Bring a camera if you'd like since you will
have wonderful photo opportunities.

Dogsled Rides:  Prices are per person for ages 12 and over.  Children 4-12
are 1/2 price but must be accompanied by an adult on the same tour.  

1 hour ride $150 pp :  One full hour on the trail.  Enjoy a variety of scenery as
we mush across some small lakes, then climb in elevation into a large white spruce
forest.  Then for the return trip home we wind down a technical trail through black
spruce forest.  After your ride you are welcome to stay for a hot cocoa, coffee or
tea and visit with the dogs.

2 hour ride $270 pp :  Same route as the one hour tour but with a diversion to a
wider trail for several miles.  Once there you are welcome to climb on the runners
with the musher and drive the team.  After your ride you are welcome to stay for a
hot cocoa, coffee or tea and visit with the dogs.

(Please allow extra time prior to all tours to be properly fitted with outer arctic
winter gear including bunny boots, if needed.  You may wear your own gear if it is
suitable for the climate.)   

Lodging options in our area:

Mount Aurora Lodge - Wonderful Aurora Viewing in a beautiful location.  Lori and
Jeff are fantastic hosts.  We highly recommend this location for lodging.

Pleasant Valley B&B - Petra runs a very nice B&B in beautiful Two Rivers, Alaska
and we highly recommend her.  

50% deposit for total trip cost is required when booking a trip.  
We take paypal for deposits.  We can take credit cards, paypal
or cash for the balance at our kennel after your tour.  
Please contact us for availability
first, then you can simply
(When you click the paypal buttons they will take you to the 50% payment page.  Please read carefully what
it says on the paypal page so you know you are purchasing the correct tour.   If you have any trouble, please
feel free to call or email us.)

Deposit / Refund Policy
Deposit is fully refundable if you cancel 30+ days in advance, minus incurred
fees (see below).
50% of deposit is refunded if you cancel 14-29 days prior to your tour.
Your deposit is not refundable if you cancel within 1-13 days of your tour.
All refunds are subject to a withholding for the processing fees:
Paypal:  $15 per transaction (only actual fee is withheld)
Visa or Mastercard:  4.5% fee (only actual fee is withheld)
If we cancel due to weather (-30 or colder at the kennel) you will receive 100%
refund if unable to reschedule.   (Note:  It is often warmer at our kennel than it is
in town so please do contact us regarding the temperature.)

Signed release form required before participation in any activity
Call Eric Cosmutto:  907-378-7620 to book
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to see a clip of our teams
during a tour...  footage
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One Hour Ride
Two Hour Ride