Dog Mushing FAQ's
Road....on the way to the Hot Springs Resort.  It's a beautiful spot on the planet.

What type of clothing do I need to bring?
Layers, (no cotton) synthetics, wool or polarfleece are ok.  If you have cold
weather gear and prefer to wear your own, please feel free to bring it.  If it looks
like it'll keep you warm enough, that will be fine.  If it appears to us that you will
not stay warm in your gear we will help outfit you with our gear.

How many dogs will I have in my team?
For those who will learn to drive a team and all who participate in overnight trips
you will have anywhere from 4 to 8 dogs depending on your size and weight.  We
want to be able to stay together so we will try to make comparable teams for the
weight they will pull.

What kind of meals can I expect on the trail?
We provide home cooked healthy meals for the trail.  The meals are hearty and will
help to replenish the calories you have used during your trip.  Special needs,
allergies, etc are always taken into consideration so please advise us of any special
requirements.    We carry plenty of water and other drink options as well.  

What temperatures can we expect on our trip?
Remember, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.  In Alaska, the temperatures
can vary quite a bit, even from day to day but overall our winter temperatures can
range from +20F to -40F.  It is a very dry climate where we live so the
temperatures are quite comfortable when dressed properly.  The average
temperature during our winter mushing months is usually between -10F and +10F.  
The colder temperatures are ideal for the dogs, and of course, the warmer temps
are ideal for the mushers :-)

Do I need previous experience to drive my own sled?
Absolutely not.  You will be trained by your expert guides who have a great deal of
experience mushing and teaching a mushing school.  You will be in good hands.  
Do I need to be in excellent physical condition to participate?
No.  Your dogs will do most of the work for you.  You should be able to kick, walk
or run alongside your sled when needed if going uphill and at times you will need to
balance your sled on curves or using the brake.  Mushing is a sport and does
require some activity but the hard work is done by the dogs.

What happens if there is an emergency?
For all overnight trips as well as larger daytrips we will provide a snowmachine as
backup.  The snowmachine is there to haul some gear and in case there is an
emergency and someone needs to get back to town.  We will all be in touch via
radio, including you.  Also, there will always be a guide on your tour who is First Aid
/ CPR trained.  In addition, one of the owners is a medical practitioner working in
emergency medicine so you will be in good hands if something happens.  We will be
carrying a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) but our plan is never to have to use these
safety devices :-)

Will we have a private group or will others be traveling with us?
That depends on the size of your group, the demand for those dates and your
preferences.  We prefer smaller private groups.  We will do our best to accomodate

How long will we drive our team each day?
That depends on where we are going each day but in general we will cover
approximately 20-40 miles per day.  That can take anywhere from 4-8 hours or
more.  If you like to stop and take more photos, enjoy the scenery, snack or rest it
takes longer, but we will go at your pace each day.  

Can I help to care for my own team?
Of course you can.  This is the highlight of many people's trip.  We will teach you
how to feed, soup and snack your dogs.  We will also teach you how to harness
them and bring them to the gangline so you can hook up your own team.  By the
end of your trip you'll feel like a real musher.  

Where will we sleep each night?
That depends on you.  We can provide Arctic Oven tents with cots, we can arrange
for resort lodging along the trail or you can reserve a cabin and we will take you
there.  Talk to us about this when you make your reservation and we'll accomodate
your preferences.  Sleeping bags are provided unless you prefer your own.

Will the dogs get cold at night?
Nope, they are blessed with thick coats, a downy undercoat, tough pads on their
feet and a nice long tail to wrap around their nose as they snooze under the stars.  

How friendly are the huskies?
All of our dogs are friendly and easy to handle.  We started with dogs from excellent
kennels and primarily now have our own bloodlines.  They are Alaskan Huskies... all
very pretty sleddogs!  Their favorite things are to be petted and to run.  They will
soon work their way into your heart and you will enjoy learning your own dogs
names.  If you let them kiss your face you will make their day!!!

What is the guide : guest ratio on the tours and how many guests per tour?
We will provide enough guides to keep you safe on your tour.  There will always be
one guide leading the group and another on the trail.   Since we will all have radios
you can easily let us know if you need help with something or would like to stop for
photos.  In general we prefer to take up to 4 guests at a time.  Good communication
is the key.

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