This page is dedicated to those who are still near and dear to us, but have gone on to
bigger and better will never be forgotten.
In Memory Of......
Copyright: Jan DeNapoli
Piglet  Sweet piglet, we miss her so much.  She died winter
2003.  We were very bonded and I am honored that she chose
to spend her life with me.  She had a wonderful life and greatly
enriched ours.  We will always miss our little Piglet.  
May 5, 1996 to January 29, 2003
Copyright: unknown photographer
Jerry Louden
lets you send e-cards. I thought it was perfect
for this page.  The musher is our friend Aliy
Zirkle and the quote refers to Jerry Louden.  
Jerry, you will always be missed.  No one can
ever replace your gentle soul.   See you on the
'other side' Mush On!!!!!
Copyright: Yukon Quest
Photos: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Copyright: Yukon Quest
Jeanne DeNapoli (my mom)  we lost my mom Aug 18,
amazing she was.  She is in my heart with me every day
and I know there will never be a day that I don't think
about her, or that I don't miss her.  Nothing takes away a
everything good in me.  She had a huge influence on
everyone she met.  She was loved by many and missed
more than I can even describe.  Until we meet again mom
please take care of the others on this page.... love
Copyrigh: Jan DeNapoli
Copyright: Mike Zedda
Kanai  He was my lifelong friend and will never be forgotten.  What a
special boy he was... He certainly can't be replaced.  Kanai we will
always think of you, always miss you and we're happy that you are free
now to run and play again.  We love you.
Bear (the first)