Carl lands a 15 pound King
Salmon in Prince William Sound
Beautiful Silver Salmon caught
by Georganne Hampton on
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Salmon fishing with G'day Charters
No half day charters here.  Let's relax, get your fish and have fun
for the whole day.  

King Salmon are the first to arrive in Prince William Sound, as
early as May, and can be found all summer long.  
The King Salmon (Chinook) are the largest of the 5 Pacific Salmon
and have been caught upwards of 45 pounds in the Valdez Area.  
They are commonly around 20 pounds.  

Silver Salmon (Coho) can be found in Prince William Sound as
early as mid-July and are prevalent in Valdez Area by the first
week of August.  The run is usually over by the first week of
September.  Pound for pound, the Coho Salmon are the most
acrobatic and provide the most fight.  They average between 8
and 18 pounds but can be larger.  We have personally landed one
at 21 pounds.

Pink Salmon (Humpies) can be found in Prince William Sound mid-
June and are normally present near the Valdez shores by the first
weekend in July.  Most people prefer to can or smoke the pinks.  
Average size is about 6 pounds.

Also PLEASE wear nonmarking shoes on our vessel.
This is a NON-SMOKING vessel (inside and outside)
Georganne fishing with G'day
Carl fishes from the bow
Captain Eric jigging for fish
Mark enjoys the nice weather
and the view while fishing.