An example of the size of the
yellow eye rockfish that can be
caught in Prince William Sound
with G'day Charters on the
vessel SeaDuction.  
Fishing with family....  ling cod
are legal to keep over 35 inches
after July 1
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Fishing for Rockfish and Ling Cod with G'day Charters

Ling Cod
By Alaska State Law Ling Cod cannot be kept until after July 1.
There is a minimum size limit of 35 inches.
People have often found Ling Cod to be as tasty
if not better than Halibut
Ling Cod have been caught upward of 45 pounds.
Currently there is a 2 fish per day limit.  We encourage the use of
light tackle to catch these fish.  

Rock Fish
Can be caught from May through September
Rock fish are divided into 2 categories:  Pelagic and Non-Pelagic
There are over a dozen different types of rockfish, some we have
caught, some we have never seen yet.
Some people prefer Rock Fish over Halibut.  Again, light tackle is
encouraged to catch these fish.
Limits vary each year.

We provide all bait and tackle.
Please wear comfortable non-marring shoes.
Nice Ling Cod caught by Jan,
First Mate
Black Bass swim to the
surface and a Ling Cod (on
the left) is on the line
Roy shows his beautiful Yellow
Eye Rockfish.  They are tasty.
Ling Cod into the fish box.